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Tanks of World War I

Early Pitfalls
Enemy Tanks
Early Pitfalls
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Allied Tanks

Some of the problems found in early tanks

The tank's begining did not go very well, the first model was made in a factory on September 8 1915. Two days later its track came off. The exact same thing happened again on September 19, when government officials were watching. Fortunatly, these officials were very impressed because they knew that with any new technology there is bound to have problems, they also recognised the great potential that the new weapon had. Although, it's track system was it's main problem. To correct this, Tritton and Wilson designed a better and more reliable version. On September 29 in London a during a meeting about the tank recommended that the new weapon should have 10-mm frontal armor and 8-mm side armor. They also decided there would be a crew of eight people and the large arms would be 57-mm naval guns, and mounted on the sides. The tank's full speed would be 4 mph. They went with these specifications for the first time, on January 16 1916. Winston Churchill had contacted Haig to convince him about the usefulness of the new weapon. Haig sent major, Hugh Elles, to find out more about the machine and he reported favourably to Haig.